Have you ever had surgery, fallen ill, or been injured, and just seemed to take forever to recover? It doesn’t have to be this way. At Prestige Wellness Institute, you can take advantage of a comprehensive evaluation and treatment strategy to get back in the game faster than you imagined was possible.

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I like my bike.

You haven’t lived until you’ve ridden off jumps at 35 mph at Deer Valley on your mountain bike.  Since my kids got me started in 2019, I have become accustomed to all the trails around Moab, as well as several of the region’s ski resorts.  My favs are the black diamond trails—not because I’m that good, but because they are that fun.

Accustomed to small drops off rocks and planks, however, I wasn’t quite ready for Bam Bam in Park City’s Trailside Park.  Although the first drop is higher than any I had done before, I told myself it couldn’t be that hard.  I might take a little spill, but my awesome tires and shocks would no doubt cushion my fall.

The launch was beautiful.  Unfortunately, those trusty tires somehow did not stay beneath me.  Instead, my shoulder “cushioned” my fall, making a beautiful snap in my collarbone.  The first “Bam” in Bam Bam was my landing, and the painful week that followed.  The second “Bam” was the surgery ten days later.

If you’ve ever been injured, ill, or had surgery, you know it can take a long time to recover.  Pain is just the beginning of your problems.

Anesthesia throws a lot of people for a loop.  While most people recover uneventfully, some take weeks to get back to normal, and some never feel or function the same again.  The brain can really take a hit from the chemicals used to put you to sleep and keep you alive while the surgeon is doing his or her magic on your damaged body parts.

Surgery itself gives your adrenal glands a good kick in the butt, as evidenced by weeks of recovery, or even chronic fatigue in a subset of people.

If you’ve had a concussion (at any time in your life), you may have persistent symptoms of head pain, brain fog, memory loss, irritability, depression, etc.  Or you may not.  In either case, you still have ongoing neuron damage from the inflammatory cascade that is set in motion by the original injury.

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