Have you ever felt stuck? You may want to improve your performance as an athlete, artist, businessperson, or student. You might want to improve your relationships with loved ones, friends, coworkers, or neighbors. You may be depressed or anxious. You may have an addiction that doesn’t want to let go no matter how hard you try. You may be in constant pain or forever reliving past trauma. Or you may be plagued by self-doubt, difficulty focusing, lack of confidence, ineffective coping mechanisms, haunting memories, fears. Perception reframing is about freedom—to be yourself; to excel; to serve with love instead of duty; to take better care of yourself; or to put addictions or trauma behind you.

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Whatever your road block is, PRT can help.* You may benefit from a single session, or a series. You may choose one or more unrelated topics to work on, but oftentimes people identify a handful of topics that have a common theme. Ask yourself:

What keeps me from being as happy and successful as I deserve to be?

For an example of a single topic, you might choose: “I panic and freeze up when presenting to a group.” During a one-hour session, you make a series of short recordings during which the computer analyzes the emotions in your voice. The computer then sends painless output to you through a hand device.

This output provides your subconscious mind the instructions it needs to process the problem in a way you have not been able to process consciously. While the output is occurring, you listen to music and see (with your eyes closed) flashing lights through special glasses. These sights and sounds are designed to increase your brain’s alpha wave activity. Alpha waves predominate while you are awake but resting. Because we are stimulating your alpha waves, your subconscious mind is enabled to focus more fully on what you are asking it to solve. To help this process during each output, focus on your breathing, think about your topic, or visualize what life will look like when you are past this block.

Once your brain has all the information it needs to deal with this particular road block, you will come to the end of the recordings. At the end of each session, you will have two short body scans. Both are accomplished using the same handpiece. Our patients are routinely amazed at how well these scans describe their behaviors and identify problems they are currently dealing with. The output from these two scans is sent both to your body.

The beauty of PRT is that you don’t have to work hard to solve your problem. This goes contrary to everything you’ve ever learned: Put little effort into something, you get little results. Put major effort and you get big results. With PRT, you are looking for very small shifts in your thinking that produce major results over time. Your subconscious mind has the capacity to do amazing work without your effort or even your awareness that something is happening.

An example of a multi-topic theme could be “I’m too heavy.” Surrounding this theme are several contributory factors and consequences. Think of them as spokes around the “I’m too heavy” wheel. At the end of your framing consultation, you might end up with a list like this:

I eat when I’m bored.
I eat when I’m stressed or depressed.
I reach for foods that are unhealthy.
I don’t want to waste time preparing food.
Junk food tastes better than healthy food.
Healthy food goes bad too quickly.
I can’t fit into clothes that look good on me.
I don’t like to exercise.
I am embarrassed about my weight.
I avoid swimming because my stretch marks look horrible.
Thinking about dieting makes me anxious.
I have no self-control.
During your first weekly PRT session following the framing consult, you will make a recording of your theme followed by all of the topics. You will receive output following each of these recordings. Then the computer will indicate which of the “spokes” (topics) is your top priority for your next session.

Over the week following each PRT session, pay attention for subtle changes in your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and/or results. Depending on the topic you chose, you may have an idea that never occurred to you before. You may be surprised to notice yourself doing something you had not thought of doing before. You might suddenly develop a desire for salad rather than candy. Maybe you will see or interact differently with your spouse, employees, coworkers, boss, or others. Don’t expect to start leaping tall buildings with a single bound! Rather, look for the simple shifts that can enable you to get past the road blocks to your desired level of success and happiness. Once you shift your perception, you create your new reality.

Get ready to move through those roadblocks and achieve your goals!

*In combination with any other treatments prescribed by one of our medical providers.