With the world in virtual lockdown, and nothing worth watching on the news, what are couples supposed to do but, well…you know.


During her 2-month hormone replacement follow-up visit, Frederica excitedly reported a discovery she had not anticipated.  For her entire married life, she had generously agreed to please her husband on a fairly regular basis.  They loved each other, but it took a very long time and a lot of wooing for her to be in the mood enough to climax.  This was difficult because her husband had a stressful and time-consuming job, which meant he wasn’t able to work her up to being “in the mood” as often as either of them would have liked.  Because his pleasure and satisfaction were amplified tremendously when she climaxed, he preferred to limit the times when she just went along for the ride.  But both of them realized it was unrealistic for them to limit their intimacy to once a week, when they could take the time to do what was required for her to succeed.


Now in her late 40s, Frederica was noticing she had even less interest, and it was taking longer and more effort on her and her husband’s parts to achieve that highest expression of marital love.  She was also becoming more easily irritated by John and their remaining children at home.  Less patient, quicker to snap at infractions real and imagined.


After Frederica received her first hormone pellet implants, her husband and children no longer walked around the house on eggshells.  There was less yelling, less disgust, more patience and kindness.


And Frederica herself had a discovery that shocked and pleased her immensely.  One morning, when John was in the mood, she surprised him by agreeing to go along with him.


John thought he had died and gone to heaven.  Frederica herself didn’t know where this came from.  Within minutes, John and Frederica had accomplished together what usually took an hour, and even then only under the right circumstances.  “How did that happen?” she asked.  Suddenly it occurred to her.  “I know:  It’s the pellets!  This is revolutionary!”


It is true that the women who tend to notice the most benefit from hormone pellets are those who have no measurable testosterone at all because they are in menopause.  But even those who have enough testosterone to get by but not enough to be functioning at their best can benefit significantly from a boost.


How many women go through life assuming everything is fine since they are having regular periods?  How many would benefit from a boost in their testosterone early on, long before menopause hits?  How many husbands and children would benefit from their wives and mothers having their testosterone optimized?


Can testosterone pellets increase love at home?  Can it enrich marriages?  Can it even save marriages?  Can it make you feel, act, and function younger?  Yes.  I have seen it do ALL of these things over and over again.


If you are a woman and not currently taking advantage of this godsend, you might be thinking I’m sexist for “blaming” you for all that is less than optimal in your relationships.  Don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not “blaming” anyone for anything.  I am merely passing on to you the observation that hormone imbalances–which are unfortunately significantly more common in women than in men–can turn otherwise good people into surprisingly mean, depressed, agitated, and distant people.  If you’ve ever heard about PMS, for example, you know what I’m talking about.  The difference is that this is PMS 24/7/365, not just a few days each month.  For some, the physical, emotional, and behavioral challenges faced are tremendous, even if everyone else but the testosterone-lacking woman recognizes it.  For others, these challenges are more subtle but no less real.


Yes, by being aware of the problem, you can make superhuman efforts to hide your feelings and control your behavior.  But this misses the point:  YOU aren’t the problem.  Your hormones are.  If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times:  “My husband was so irritating, so inconsiderate, so selfish, and so unromantic until I got my pellets.  Now he is back to being the wonderful man I married.”


Once your old man is closer to being the man you married, you may just discover you can talk again without arguing.  When that happens, chances are he’ll be more eager to please you because he’ll see that his efforts are rewarded rather than criticized or ignored.  Talk about a win-win!  If you haven’t discovered the power of pellets (and this applies to men as well as women) yet, give us a call.  You could be missing out on some precious experiences with those you love the most.

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